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Currency Conversion

Currency-Conversion Options

You can enable the display of alternate currencies on your Stencil theme’s Optimized One-Page Checkout and order confirmation pages.


The options on this page require that you first enable Optimized One-Page Checkout. Find instructions on how to do this in Enable and Restyle Optimized One-Page Checkout.

Note that regardless of the display options that you set below, transactions will always be processed in the store’s single default currency. To change that setting, see Changing Your Default Currency.

To allow shoppers to view prices in multiple currencies, you will need to add the desired currencies via the BigCommerce control panel.

Shoppers will then be able to use the Currency drop-down list, throughout the storefront, to switch displayed prices among the currencies you have enabled.

At checkout, the shopper will still be billed in the store’s default currency. As shown below, the checkout and cart templates will show an annotation about this, while flagging any converted total (in a shopper’s selected alternate currency) as an Estimated Total: